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Heli successfully organizes the first API training

Release date:2018-12-29 09:21 share:

From 12.21 to 12.23, Heli organized training on API Q1 6A 16A standard and specification. This training is also the beginning of a series of activities of "Strengthening Quality Management and Promotion" carried out conscientiously by Heli Company. Heli currently has API (American Petroleum Institute) Q1 Q2 qualification, and is also the API 6A 16A tender unit. In order to publicize API standards to all employees of the company, comprehensively improve the quality management level of Heli Company, and prepare for the follow-up planning, this training was honored to invite the director of National Petroleum Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Zhang Xiaolei) to teach.

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After three days of intensive and systematic training, the staff have gained a lot. We have a new understanding of the importance of API Q1 on product design and API 6A specifications on material requirements and performance levels. They also have an in-depth understanding of the latest requirements and product line departments in API 16 related to blowout preventer function testing.

"For the HELI that have both"products"and"services", undoubtedly this training is particularly important. It not only opens up new thinking for everyone, but also promotes everyone to stand at a new starting point..." This is the summary of the trainers by COO Zhang Ding of Heli Company after the training.

According to the latest news from HR Department of Heli, Heli plans to organize API Q2 standard training again in January 2019.