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Comrade Li Changjin, Vice-Chairman of Tianjin Municipal Consultative Conference, went to Heli for investigation and research.

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On December 4, the vice chairman of Tianjin Municipal Consultative Conference, Comrade Li Changjin, and his delegation visited Heli Tech Energy Co., Ltd. together with Shen Kuilin, Deputy Secretary-General of the CPPCC, Wang Jing, Director of the People's Patriarchal Committee of the CPPCC, and Meng Ping, full-time deputy director.

Accompanied by Hou Lidong, CEO of Heli Energy, and other relevant leaders, Chairman Li Changjin visited the company's factory and office areas and held a brief Symposium in the conference room. He had a detailed understanding of the company's development process, technological innovation, market development and other aspects, and carefully asked the company's main difficulties and problems to be solved. Chairman Li Changjin praised the company's operation, development speed and important position in the industry, and encouraged the company to continue to adhere to independent innovation development and scientific and technological innovation team building. Give full play to the important role of private enterprises in building a harmonious society and promoting economic growth, further strengthen confidence in the development of enterprises, improve internal skills, and strive to make enterprises stronger and better.


With this opportunity, Heli company will continue to exert its own advantages, strengthen the capacity building of independent innovation, constantly improve the level of enterprise management, and make unremitting efforts for the development of private economy and social harmony and progress in Tianjin while achieving its own higher and faster development.