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School enterprise cooperation lead to a further development

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In order to deepen school-enterprise cooperation and promote mutual complementary advantages, Northeast Petroleum University and Heli Tech Energy Co., Ltd. jointly build a training base for undergraduates. On July 23, President Jiang Minghu of Northeast Petroleum University and his team of eight people visited our company to exchange views and hold the opening ceremony. The company's chief executive, Hou Lidong, and other leaders warmly received them. The two sides held cordial and friendly talks. Zhang Bin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Northeast Petroleum University, Fu Xiaofei, Vice-President, Chief Operating Officer Zhang Ding and Vice-President Liang Jie of the Heli, as well as the relevant departments and units responsible for comrades attended the forum.



Prior to the opening ceremony, President Jiang introduced the history of Northeast Petroleum University and the basic situation of innovation and entrepreneurship, and thanked our company for its long-term support. He pointed out that for more than 50 years, Northeast Petroleum University has been adhering to the motto of "hard work, rigorous learning" and the school spirit of "rigorous, simple, diligent and innovative", forming two distinct characteristics of "persisting in running schools and educating people with Daqing spirit" and "all-round and multi-level cooperation of production, education and research". Achievements in running schools and educating people have been fully recognized by all sectors of society, and a number of outstanding talents in the oil field have been trained. President Jiang said that the establishment of the training base is an organic combination of the Northeast Petroleum University personnel training concept and the strategy of Heli, and an important opportunity for the two sides to deepen cooperation and seek common development. And hope to take this as a new starting point, continue to deepen the connotation of cooperation, innovate cooperation model, further develop the practical ability of college students, continue to train and transport outstanding staff for Heli and help enterprises grow rapidly.

The leaders of the company introduced the specific situation of the joint construction of the "Practice and Training Base for College Students" by Northeast Petroleum University and Heli, and briefly described the development process, the general situation of the enterprise, the scope of business and the advantages of the enterprise. Leaders said that the enterprise is now in a period of rapid development, in talent, research projects and other aspects need the strong support of universities. He expects to build a practical education base for college students'innovation and entrepreneurship, promote the cultivation of school personnel, realize multi-level and multi-form cooperation between schools and enterprises, and also give high praise to the graduates who are currently employed in the company. He stressed that Northeast Petroleum University and Heli have a good foundation for cooperation, and the two sides to build a training base is conducive to play their respective advantages. He hoped that the two sides will take the opportunity of the establishment of "undergraduate practice training base" to push the cooperation to a high level, achieve win-win development of cooperation, and become a model of cooperation between colleges and universities in the industry. And make positive contributions to regional economic and social development. Then, Mr. Hou sincerely wished Northeast Petroleum University to prosper and develop vigorously, and build it into a high-level university with distinct characteristics and well-known at home and abroad. The company will not forget its original intention and forge ahead.

Finally, under the joint witness of university and company leaders, President Jiang Minghu of Northeast Petroleum University and Hou Lidong, CEO of Heli, unveiled the "undergraduate internship training base".