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Comrade You Tiancheng, Secretary of the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, led the Bureau of the bonded area to inspect the resultant force.

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On the morning of September 4, Mr. You Tiancheng, Secretary of the Industrial Committee of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, led the staff of the bureaus of Tianjin Free Trade Zone to join Heli Tech Energy Co., Ltd. for investigation and research. Mr. Hou Lidong, CEO of the joint efforts, led the management of the company to give warm hospitality and guided the visiting leaders to go deep into the equipment maintenance workshop and machine-processed vehicles to inspect the work. They inspected the personnel management, safety production, product quality and work process of our company in detail, and listened to the company leader's report on the current business situation and long-term development prospects.

The purpose of this visit is to implement the "Ten Thousand Cadres Helping Ten Thousands of Enterprises to Serve the Development of Enterprises" in Tianjin. The purpose of this visit is to promote profitable enterprises to become better and stronger, to upgrade the quality and efficiency of small profit enterprises, and to turn difficult enterprises into profit-making enterprises. Further create a strong atmosphere for officers to start businesses. In order to improve the effectiveness of the activities, the leading group is deep inside the enterprise, aiming at doing practical and solving problems for the enterprises.

During the visit, Mr. Hou Lidong, CEO of the company, introduced to the leaders the whole production and maintenance process, technical advantages and business capabilities of the workshop, as well as the existing market conditions, future development prospects and recent awards. The company also has API6A, 16A, Q1, Q2, ISO and international drilling Association. In recent years, it has independently contracted well control systems and maintenance projects of drilling equipment such as the Russian Gas Company's "Northern Lights" and "Polaris" and CNOOC's "Offshore Oil 981" & "Gift" and "Sinopec Exploration 4" deepwater semi-submersible drilling platforms. The Heli well control team's comprehensive professional quality level is in the forefront in Asia. . The company has recently been awarded the honorary titles of "Tianjin Science and Technology-based SMEs", "National Science and Technology-based SMEs", "Tianjin High-tech Enterprises", "Excellent Student Practice Base" and "Tianjin 111 Project" Excellent Entrepreneurs. With the continuous improvement of Heli's independent innovation ability, the well tools designed and developed independently by the R&D department with the international advanced level are gradually introduced to the market, and won the high recognition of the customers of PetroChina Jidong Oilfield, Tarim Oilfield, North China Oilfield and so on. The company plans to continue to increase investment in scientific research, focusing on the creation, protection and use of independent intellectual property rights, and always implement the "technology-based, people-first" business philosophy.

Secretary You has put forward some valuable opinions and suggestions for this investigation. At the same time, he has given great praise to our company's operation, development speed and important position in the industry. He also said that the management committee, as a strong backing of the enterprise, will provide strong support for the future development of our joint forces.

Before concluding the inspection, the secretary made a cordial inquiry about the company's later development strategy and objectives, exchanged in-depth views with the company's management, and hoped to work together to constantly enhance the overall strength of the enterprise, and make greater contributions to promoting regional economic and energy development.