Talent idea

Talent idea
  • — Heli is a diverse family

    Where you will have the opportunity to work with the best teams to grow rapidly, make work more efficient and fun, and get real trust and support. Heli will give you enough opportunities and challenges to prove your ability and long-term development of the career platform,. Let us work together to fight the world.

  • — meritocratic

    Widening the channels of talent selection, cultivating talents in practice, energetically cultivate innovative professionals, continue to develop and expand the ranks of talents, Add strength to the sustainable development of enterprises.

  • — hold on to people to root for Germany-oriented

    It is our unremitting pursuit to build a first-class energy and technology enterprise. All employees will enjoy a sense of honor and high yield in the process. At the same time, the company advocates the spirit of self dedication, taking the overall situation into consideration and ignoring personal gains and losses. Work together to develop the oil industry of the motherland.