Sustainable Development

sustainable development

Policy statement on Health, Safety and Environment

HL HSE Management System

HL company is committed to achieve regulatory compliances of all international and domestic legislative requirements and follow the industry standards, operation technologies and practices to the best possible. HL is dedicated to deliver quality products and service excellences to our oil-gas industrial clients sustainably and pursue the goal of Zero Accident to our employee, asset and the environment by implementing an integrated management system.

To achieve this purpose, HL shall:

  1. Provide as far as is reasonable practicable, the optimal conditions of employment that will guarantee minimum hazards to occupational health and safety of employees.
  2. Proactively identify hazards and assess risks, which may lead to personal or psychological injury; occupational illness, damage to property and the environment, at places of work.
  3. Put in place and implement a robust system that ensures continual improvement in HSE Performance.
  4. Comply with all applicable Laws and legislation of the State and clients HSE standards and requirements.
  5. Fully resource the requirements for the HSE management and provide adequate HSE controls as determined by the Risk Management Process.
  6. Carry out timely maintenance to ensure that all plants are in a good working condition.
  7. Require all its sub-contractors to comply with the HSE requirements and to maintain their own HSE Policy in line with this Policy.

Furthermore the company shall endeavour to install a culture of safety among all staff by making clear to all staff that:

  1. HSE is as important as other objectives in achieving our business goals
  2. HSE responsibility and accountability lie with the line
  3. All HL employees are empowered to stop work when deemed unsafe
  4. While performing a job each employee should take care of his own safety and that of his colleagues.
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