Drilling Service

Drilling Service

Hole Enlargement

Heli hole enlargement technology has been widely used in deep, ultra-deep, small clearance wells and sidetrack drilling and other complex wells. It has significant advantages in dealing with downhole complex conditions, reducing drilling comprehensive costs, improving well building quality and safety.

1. Hydraulic reaming tool: The resultant hydraulic reaming tool has the characteristics of easy realization, high reliability and high drilling efficiency. The reaming tool while drilling is mainly controlled by the way of throwing. You can achieve eye searching in two directions. It not only helps to eliminate smaller doglegs, but also copes with complex conditions caused by shrinkage of shale formation, creep of salt bed or formation.

2. Eccentric centralizer: The micro-reaming centralizer is an eccentric reaming tool, which is suitable for reaming drilling at the same time or for reaming holes when drilling. The most prominent feature is the design of micro eccentricity. Eccentric design, when entering a well, the undersize passes through a smaller inner diameter (such as technical casing etc.), and when drilling, a slightly larger hole can be obtained, which is helpful to reduce the difficulty of casing and liner running, improve the cementing quality, and help to stir cuttings bed.

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