Drilling Service

Drilling Service

ROP Enhancement

Heli drilling speed-up service aims to reduce friction between drill string and borehole wall, improve drilling pressure transmission, improve drilling bit rock breaking efficiency, reduce downhole risk of complex conditions, extend the life of drilling tools, thus improving the comprehensive drilling efficiency for customers.

1. high speed drill: customize all kinds of bits suitable for the customers.

2. High-quality power drilling tools: high-quality motors and other power drilling tools that provide customers with optimal parameters based on bit selection and formation drillability.

3. Peristaltic tool: The peristaltic tool is connected to the position between 150m and 250m away from the bit to provide a stable and reliable high-frequency low-amplitude peristalsis along the direction of the drilling tool, thus transforming the static friction between the drilling tool and the borehole wall into static friction, thereby improving the transmission of drilling pressure and improving the drilling efficiency.

The above tools, especially the peristaltic tools, have been successfully used in many blocks at home and abroad. The results are remarkable. Especially in directional well sliding drilling, the mechanical drilling rate can be increased by more than 80%, the motor and bit can be protected to the greatest extent.

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